Glory, Traits, and Feudalism

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Glory, Traits, and Feudalism

Postby Grimly » Sun Sep 26, 2004 7:26 am

There's another game out there with a campaign mechanism I have always thought brilliant: PanzerGeneral. When you win a battle you gain not experience but prestige (glory). More success = more prestige = your superiors are more willing to back you up next time with reinforcements and the best units. Less success = less prestige = you bite it hard.

In EFS you have no superiors, but you do have your family, its vassals, and its population. I can't say exactly how this would work, but it seems natural you would want to keep them happy because this would generate political capital. (Although the "bogeyman" or "missile gap" approach also seems to work!) More success (military or diplomatic) = more glory = more men available for recruitment and maybe more taxes too, if a bad trait makes you normally collect less than you deserve or get less research out of a lab. If there is a way to harvest men or get other nobles to support you with levies, glory should help get access to these resources.

The EFS traits are dumb because you don't need to actually do anything to be considered generous or enlightened or treacherous---you just click buttons. Glory could be tied to diplomacy so that peace treaties, alliances, victories, and defeats bring different effects similar to the traits. You would choose a course and a diplomacy and a character, and stick to that strategy until it's time to use another. The goal would always be to keep your store of capital high: if the Church likes you, the Houses like you, the people like you, and the League likes you, you have a shot at being regent even without major conquests. That would also bring prestige (not just victory points you never see!).

It would also be cool to have acts you could perform:
Execute 10,000 rebel prisoners
Spend 10,000 FB to feed the poor
and so on. You could get a message (from your Adviser, or from the Church): People on Istakhar are starving. Send food?

If you choose yes, several things could happen: your people might like you either more or less; your nobles as well, the other Houses, the Church, and al-Malik itself could be grateful or angry. You could get an estimate of the percentages just like some games provide before a combat. If you are properly humanitarian or resolute, you could find it easier to recruit units. If you are not, you can choose the Decados strategy of peasant levies/cannon fodder (using men from your own fiefs) and small advanced units (using few loyal men).

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