Hyperion move speed

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Hyperion move speed

Postby nebo » Fri Feb 03, 2006 12:12 pm

ok im totaly new here,,, been playing some nova and im quite happy with that mod...
Just tried hyperion today,, and to be honest i thougth i had done something wrong as all my units where moving like jet fighters all over the place. But then i checked the unit reference page for hyperion unit and found out that the speed was right. What is the reason for making units so fast? I mean the size of all the worlds shrinks down to tiny islands.... everything is too damn fast? or am I wrong hehe. Someone please fill me inn on why this is :) thx :D

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Re: Hyperion move speed

Postby Looney » Sat Feb 04, 2006 1:19 am

I'm curious too. I mean, I've been playing this for a while and I've always wondered. I'm sure its in the forum somewhere ... I'm just too busy(lazy) to look for it.

Seriously though, I rather like the large movement rates. I can play through a game much faster. While that's probably not the intent, being a family man and working full time, while constantly having to share the computer with my wife, it helps.

And I dont want to speak for Mr. Caspermeyer, but I justify by assuming that the technological abilities of the houses, coupled with the time frame elapsing in each turn, that some units should be able to haul ### across the planet.

One last thing.

I know it's been said a thousand times by a thousand people but.... thanks for the hard work Matt. You did a great job making a great game greater!
Some people think good graphics make a good game. Good people think good graphics only make a good game better.

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