Agoras - Trading with the league..

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Agoras - Trading with the league..

Postby Josh » Thu Feb 12, 2004 4:47 pm

Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone has an idea of how the re-supply system of the Agora (at your homeworld) works in detail. Esp. meant in terms of re-supply frequency and the factors that have an influence on it.

I heard that the transporter capacity of the League has (obviously) to do with it.
Aka: No League-transports/open route, no re- supply.
I assume that the distance between LH and your homeworld will also have an influence. What then is under ideal circumstances the highest frequency (aka: once in five turns?). Sometimes it appears to me, that certain resources are supplied more frequently than others (e.g. food over electrics) but I´m not sure if this is always the case.
Just curious if the time of demand plays a role? -> Such as creating an earlier demand than another house (even in the same turn) will lead to an earlier re-supply at your Agora, or something similar.

Beside the freqency, another question: The LH-transports do not carry the resources like normal transports do. If I theoretically empty all slots at an Agora, there is just one ship-visit/re-supply necessary to fill in again all resources..?

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Re: Agoras - Trading with the league..

Postby Shocker » Sun Feb 15, 2004 1:27 am

Hi Josh,

The actual workings of the Argoras are a little mysterious.

What I do know is,
1) In the beginning of the game, ships are assigned trade routes or something similar to each house home world and BZII. The home world and BZII must be named exactly correct or the League will not resupply the agora on that planet.

2) The League is allow to "magically" transport the exact qty of any resource to the "supportted" Agoras. The only limitation is if there are too many military units in the Agora so that stacking limitations prevent resupply. This stacking limitation is hit at resupply time when say there are 11 (out of 13 max)empty resource markers and say 10 (3 too many) military units, then only 10 resource markers can exist given the 20 unit stacking limit. If say everything was empty but Food and Energy, since the last resource markers to be filled will be at the bottom of the list, you will not get resupply of Singularities, Gems, or Monopols (I think that list is right) since they are at the bottom of the list.

3) Also, sometimes when the League goes to war, they allocate shipping from transport duties to military duties, if the war ends while their ships or transports are on the ground, they just stay there for some reason. If your ship was "requisitioned" for some reason, the AI will not assing a new ship until that ship is captured or destroyed or is used to fight another war but ended its last turn before the war ends in space.
(some of the is supposition based on playing a lot of games and a little testing :-)

That is what I can share. Perhaps others have some more insight.

- Shocker.
Long Live EFS!

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